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What  our   service  includes:

1) Pre-Screening (Provide a grade range for your card free of charge).

2) Card Savers (Provided by us; these are required when sending to PSA).

3) Postage to PSA.

4) PSA Grading Fee.

5) Postage Back from PSA.

6) Special Delivery back to you (UK only)


Please note: pre-screening is included in the price. However, once the pre-screen results for a card have been provided to you, you may choose to withdraw the card from your submission. Doing so will result in a £1.49 fee per card.


For European grading please contact us for postage quotes.


What  our   service  costs:

Below are the prices for standard cards.


These prices are not for: Jumbos, Booster Packs or Autographs - please contact for quote on these items.


  • 1-4 Cards £11.49 per card

  • 5-19 Cards - £10.99 per card

  • 20-49 Cards - £8.99 per card

  • 50+ - £7.99 per card

For every shipment of x5 cards or above sent to us you will get an official PSA card display stand for free!

For every x10 cards sent to us you will get an additional card graded for free!



Competitive Price! - We thrive on customer satisfaction and what better way to achieve this than to promise that our grading charges are so low you won't find cheaper!

Pre-Screen – We give cards a thorough screening and pass the estimated* grade range on to you prior to shipment. Having this information allows you to make the best decision about which cards you want encapsulated by PSA. This highly popular service saves customers tens of thousands of pounds annually and helps prevent undesired grades.


Separation of Orders – In the event of receiving the exact same card from multiple users, we split the orders up into submissions of around 50 to 100 cards. This means that PSA grade and ship separately so that there is no possible way of mixing up cards.


High Quality Packaging - Cards are shipped in high quality boxes and wrapped in bubble wrap to PSA and from us back to you. We also package your cards using separators to ensure the PSA cases doesn’t get scratched.


Shipping - All orders are shipped with tracking to PSA, back from PSA and from us back to you.

*NB: Pre-screening is an estimate and overall our opinion on what grade the card is likely to receive, however we do use a 10 point system for estimating and sometimes our opinion may differ to the final result.


  1. Contact us using the form below and let us know how many cards you would like to send, along with a description of what the cards are. We will then be in touch within 24hours to walk you through the next steps!

  2. Once the cards have arrived at Super Retro HQ you’ll receive an email from us letting you know the cards have arrived safely. We aim to have cards pre-screened within 2-3 working days of arrival.

  3. We will then send you an email with the results of your pre-screening. You can then decide what cards you would like to send onto PSA based on our predicted grades. (This is also your opportunity to make sure the description we use for your cards are correct, if you notice something missing please let us know). We store any ungraded cards free of charge until your graded cards have been returned and we will ship all cards back to you tracked.

  4. We then safely ship your order tracked on the last working day of the month to PSA, (deadline for current month’s shipment will be 23rd of each month) it will then take the following turnaround times to get back to us, please note these timelines are approximate estimates only :


  • 7-15 days (approx.) Transit to PSA 

  • 1 week (approx.) Time to register onto the PSA system - Due to current demand and backlog,                                                                                                                  turnaround times at PSA are currently estimated upto 3 months

  • Upto 13 weeks at PSA for grading (approx.) – Due to current demand and backlog,                                                                                                                  turnaround times at PSA are currently estimated 12+ months.

  • 10 days (approx.) Transit back to the UK

  • 2-3 days (approx.) Tracked delivery back to you!


Please consider the following as time taken can depend on:

1) How busy PSA is

2) Delays with Couriers

3) Delays with Customs



          We invoice for payment after the pre-screening process, the latest you may pay is 3 days prior to us shipping to PSA.

      6. Value Added Charges

In accordance with PSA’s new terms and conditions, occasionally PSA can charge additionally for cards that have a considerably higher value after grading has taken place. PSA use pricing specialists to ascertain what they believe the value of a card at that current time may be, this is called a Value Added charge. As the market value is ever changing, especially within the time taken for grading to occur, it is impossible for us to suggest which cards submitted may levy this charge in the future. The submitter will be responsible for any Value Charges their cards may incur. If after grading, any of your cards are liable for an additional Value Charge, we will inform you immediately via the email address we have on file for you with a breakdown of the grade attained and the additional cost. We will always give you the option not to pay this additional charge, in which case your card(s) will be returned ungraded if you so wish, however as examination has already taken place at PSA you will waive your original grading fee. Payment for any Value Charges will be required within 7 working days from notification, otherwise we will assume you do not wish to proceed with the Value Charges and your card(s) will be returned ungraded once we have received the submission back from PSA. For more information on PSA’s Value Charges please click here.



Fill out the below form and we'll ​be in touch shortly!

Our PSA Grading Service is currently suspended while we review PSA's recent changes. 

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