Wonder Project J: Kikai no Shōnen Pino for Nintendo Super Famicom

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    NB: This is the NTSC-J version of the game and will only play on a Region Free or Japanese system - if unsure please don't hesitate to get in touch

    There was once a great scientist and inventor named Gepetto, who lived on an island farm together with his creations, his robotic helper, the pixie Tinker, and his pet animals. His greatest creation was an artificial boy named Pino. No, he was not carved from wood, but looked just like a real boy - only he could turn his head 360 degrees. But Gepetto was arrested for an unknown reason. The boy Pino looks like a real boy, but he was completed just a few moments ago, and he knows absolutely nothing. All he can do is wander aimlessly, poking objects and turning his head. It is up to the player to make Pino a real man!

    Wonder Project J: Kikai no Shōnen Pino is a simulation game with role-playing elements. The player must use the robotic pixie Tinker to educate Pino. It is possible to move Tinker around, examining objects and collecting them in an adventure-like fashion. Pino will automatically follow her to the direction she is facing, but will continue walking until the player stops him. He will also pick objects and make his own "experiments" with them. The goal is to train Pino in various disciplines. His stats can be raised in a RPG style: reading books increases his intelligence, throwing a ball increases his dexterity, and so on. By praising or scolding Pino, the player will gradually make him understand what should be done and what shouldn't.

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