The Urbz: Sims in the City for Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA

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    In the Handheld version of the game, the protagonist, who recently arrived in the city from Simvalley, is fired after the owner of King Tower sells the tower to Daddy Bigbucks. After a failed attempt to steal a key from Daddy Bigbucks assistant, Lily Gates, he or she is arrested and taken to jail. After convincing the city sheriff to let him or her go, they are put on probation and prohibited from leaving the Urban area of the city. After doing certain tasks, they are recruited by Grandma Hattie to lead a strike to open the city bridges to Sim Quarter. Afterwards, they are knocked off of a ship by Bigbucks and wash up in the Bayou, where he or she is mistaken by its inhabitants; The Bayou twins as a vampire. After convincing them that they are human, the twins help them get home. However, one of the twins is bitten by a vampire and turn into one. Then, he or she arrives in Sim Quarter and is informed by Grandma Hattie that Daddy Bigbucks took over the city and outlawed running, and if anyone is caught running they will be arrested. She then gives him or her a cookbook in order to help them make the chocolate needed to cure the bayou inhabitant's vampirism. Later on, the protagonist and Grandma Hattie are arrested for running, but are let go by the Sheriff because he hates Daddy Bigbucks. Eventually, the protagonist arrives in Glasstown and finds the original King Tower owner, Mr. King. Later on, the protagonist, with the help of Ewan Watahmee and Sue Pirnova, fix a time machine and use it to help find Daddy Bigbucks. Afterwards, the protagonist defeats him, and he is banished to an island outside of the city, and the Protagonist is idolized by the city inhabitants and a lifelike statue of the protagonist is built in the city center, and the game ends.

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