Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Game Gear

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    The 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog is a side-scrolling platform game similar in gameplay and style to the original 16-bit Sega Genesis game of the same name, save for several new and altered game mechanics. As in the original, the anthropomorphic hedgehog Sonic ventures to rescue the animal population of South Island from the diabolical Doctor Robotnik, who plots to turn them into robots. The player jumps between platforms, avoids enemy and inanimate obstacles, and breaks televisions to collect shields, speed shoes, and invincibility, and mark checkpoints. Like the original, Sonic collects rings, which protect him from being hit by an enemy or obstacle. The player starts the game with three lives and will lose one if they are hit without carrying any rings, drown, or fall into a bottomless pit. Losing all lives results in a "game over" message; if so, they must restart. Gameplay is slightly slower and more focused on exploration than the original.

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