Road Rash for Sega Mega Drive

  • Includes:

    • Case
    • Cart
    • Manual

    Road Rash puts the player in control of a motorcycle racer who must finish in either third or fourth-place (depending on the version) or higher in a series of five road races to advance throughout the game's five levels. The game's races take place in a number of Californian locales, including San Francisco, the Sierra Nevada, Napa Valley and the Pacific Coast Highway. During a race, the player can brake, accelerate and attack neighboring racers. The player character will punch at the nearest racer with a default input, while holding a directional button during the input will result in either a backhand or a kick. Some opponents wield weapons such as clubs and chains, which can be taken and used by the player if the enemy racer is attacked as they are holding the weapon out to strike. The player racer can be ejected from their bike if they crash into an obstacle (such as cows, deer, cars and trees) or if they run out of stamina (shown in the bottom-left corner of the screen) due to fights with other racers. In this event, the racer will automatically run back toward their bike, though the player can alter their course and avoid incoming traffic with the directional buttons, or stand still by holding the brake input button. Opponents will likewise be ejected from their bike if their own stamina is depleted; the stamina of the nearest racer is visible within the bottom-right corner of the screen. In the 16-bit versions, the color of the opponent's stamina meter changes as it decreases, while in the 32-bit versions, it indicates the racer's level of aggressiveness toward the player.

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