Psi Warrior for Commodore 64

  • Includes:

    • Cassette Tape 
    • Cassette Box
    • Instruction Slip


    You are a Psi Warrior and you have been sent to an abandoned military silo to find and destroy the source of a strange and dangerous power. On your magnetic hover-board you must descend down the silo level by level using ramps until you reach Level 60. You can increase the speed of the board but any damage decreases the speed until you just move at a very slow speed. Damage is done by not using the ramps and jumping down each level. 

    To face the source of the power you must collect enough Psi energy and ID energy. To do this you must find certain clouds of Psi or ID energy, indicated by it's colour and shoot it. This disables the cloud and you can ride into it increasing the energy but be warned, the levels of both energies need to be level or it will kill you.

    Psi Warrior is a side, slightly above view scrolling arcade adventure where the screen moves when you move. A joystick is used to control your warrior.

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