Outlaw Golf 2 for Sony PlayStation 2 PS2

  • Includes:

    • Case 
    • Disc
    • Manual 

    Outlaw Golf supports single player and multiplayer with 1-4 players, and Outlaw Golf 2 supports single player, online and offline multiplayer with 1-4 players. Players take control one of several characters, each with their own unique caddy. The series is noted for its crude humor, particularly in regard to the characters, most of whom fall under an exaggerated archetype. These include a stripper, a hippie, a biker, and more. Unique to the series is the Composure Meter. As players do well, the player character's composure meeting increases. The maximum distance rating for each club increases or decreases in relation to the player character's composure. This is designed to simulate frustration: the more shots missed, the more frustrated the player character gets, and the worse they perform. In order to counteract this, the player character can beat or humiliate their caddy in some way, which raises the composure meter back up. Hitting a perfect shot results in the ball bursting into flames as it travels, the flames extinguishing when the turn is over. Outlaw Golf 2 includes new courses and additional golfers and caddies.

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