Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon for Sony PlayStation 2 PS2

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    The game follows the Universal Century (UC) Gundam time line and takes place during the infamous One Year War. The player is able to pilot various mobile suits and characters from the original Mobile Suit Gundam television series. There are three gaming modes: Arcade mode, Versus mode, and Campaign mode. Arcade mode allows to select two mobile suits depending on the side of the conflict chosen (Earth Federation or Principality of Zeon). The first mobile suit chosen is used for ground combat, while the second one is used in space environments. Versus mode allows two players to play on the same or opposing sides, with various maps and mobile suits available to choose from. The Campaign mode is centered on a player named soldier in the One Year War who combats the opposing side. Although in Campaign mode different mobile suits are unlocked as the campaign progresses. New mobile suits can be received by participating in test missions that involve that particular mobile suit. Exceptions are any captured enemy mobile suits, the Project V units (Gundam, Guntank, and Guncannon), as well as all of Char Aznable's mobile suits (Zaku II, Z'Gok, Gelgoog, and Zeong).

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