Legend of Kay for Nintendo DS

  • Includes:

    • Case
    • Cart
    • Manual

    Legend of Kay is a 3D puzzle platformer based on the 2005 PS2 game Legend of Kay. It takes place on the island Yenching where four clans (cats, frogs, pandas and rabbits) live together in peace. They follow a lifestyle called The Way with the help of magical water from springs/fountains, but over the years become complacent, with the water drying up. The island is then invaded by a gorilla army joined by alchemist rats. The protagonist is the cat Kay who is a martial arts scholar and will attempt to stop the invasion and free his fellow animals. The storyline also includes interaction with his master and a love interest. The story is largely identical to the original game, but the biggest difference is that the DS version features no combat, which is an important part of the original game.

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