Jim Henson's Muppets Party Cruise for Sony PlayStation 2 PS2

  • Includes:

    • Case 
    • Disc
    • Manual


    The Muppets remember the fun times they had on their last vacation in this 4-player party game. This game follows the pattern of most party games, like Mario Party, for example, in that your overall goal is to win a board game. To win the board game, you must succeed at a variety of mini-games, which may include a wide variety of gameplay styles. Winning a mini-game earns you a party favor of a certain color. The ultimate goal is to accumulate the most party favors to win. Party favors you win can then be used to unlock additional mini-games and bonus videos. If you unlock enough mini-games, you can then unlock a new game board in the main game.

    You can choose to play as Gonzo, Animal, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Pepe, or Fonzie. In addition, a lot of other Muppet characters have cameo appearances.

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