Jetracer for Sony PlayStation PS1

  • Includes:

    • Case
    • Manual
    • Disc 

    Jetracer is a one or two player game, four with multitap, in which players compete in performing tricks on jet skis.

    There are three modes of play all of which are basically the same.
    Freeride - where the player(s) can practice in any location on any machine
    Extreme Trick - where players compete in a match at any location on any machine
    Rider Championship - where players compete in a series of matches at different locations, this mode has a choice of skill settings.

    The players can choose between eight riders, four machines, and four locations. There is no 'create your own rider' function nor can the machines be customised.
    Matches are played against other riders, if there is only one human player then the game provides three other riders to play against otherwise it's a player v player game. The players take it in turns to catch a wave and perform tricks such as cutbacks, big 720°, barrel riding etc. These are scored on the degree of difficulty and the process is repeated as many times as possible during the match time with just the best three scores being totalled to find the winner. Match time can vary between ten and forty minutes

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