EOE: Eve of Extinction for Sony PlayStation 2 PS2

  • Includes:

    • Case
    • Disc
    • Manual

    The Game is a 3D beat 'em up. Progression through levels is achieved through platforming using a bo stick, hitting levers, and killing enemies. The player can string together a series of combos by using different forms of the Legacy weapon that Josh wields, and can switch types of the weapon using the L1 and R1 buttons. Switching to different types of weapons during combos will increase the length of the combos and cause them to do more damage. Using Legacy types repeatedly will cause them to level up, causing them to do more damage the more the blades are used. Beating bosses will unlock new weapons, such as a crossbow, a broadsword, a rod, and an axe. Throughout the game, "ley seeds" can be found, which act as upgrades to weapons. These upgrades allow the weapons to get special abilities, such as gravity-manipulation for the axe and healing bolts for the crossbow. Pressing the second analog stick allows Josh to use a special attack called a "Legacy Attack" which causes a pattern to appear on screen. Tracing the pattern using the analogue stick causes Josh to execute the attack. Upon finishing the game, an extra arena mode is unlocked, along with being able to replay the game with weapons from a former playthrough.

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