Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story for Sega Game Gear

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    Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a fighting game where players assume control of Bruce Lee and must defeat the sailor from the dance in Hong Kong, the chefs from the Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco, the martial arts master who challenges Lee, amongst others adversaries through his life to progress further in the title, recalling major action scenes from the film. However, the video game adaptation leaves out valuable plot information from the film and most of the romantic content between Bruce Lee and his future wife. Players can use a variety of martial arts moves to defeat their enemies and build up a chi meter, which can help unleash special moves on their opponents. The players have three continues, and if lost, they must fight The Phantom (the personification of Bruce's fear who takes the form of an armored Japanese Samurai) to continue, though he is near invincible. They face The Phantom Samurai again at the end as a final boss.

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