BioShock 2 for Sony PlayStation 3 PS3

  • Includes:

    • Case
    • Disc
    • Manual 

    BioShock 2 is a first-person shooter, with the player taking on the role of Subject Delta eight years after the events of the first BioShock game. As in BioShock, the player explores Rapture and fights off Splicers using a combination of weapons, the environment, and plasmids. Plasmids function akin to magic and must be recharged with "EVE" to be used. The player can also equip "tonics", passive bonuses that range from increased speed to reduced EVE usage. Several of the weapons in BioShock 2 were previously seen carried by Big Daddies in the first game, including a powerful drill and a rivet gun. The player can use each weapon in a close-range melee attack, unlike in the first game, and is able to equip a weapon and a plasmid at the same time, which they can use in quick succession to destroy enemies. For example, the player might freeze a foe using a plasmid then shatter it using a spear gun. If the player is killed, they are revived via "vita-chambers."

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