Arcade Classics Volume One for Sony PlayStation 2 PS2

  • Includes:

    • Case 
    • Disc

    Play through not one, not two but SIX classic arcade smash hit games with this amazing retro collection!
    METEOR SHOWER: Avoid being hit by the flying asteroids. Each time an asteroid is hit, it will break down into several smaller faster moving fragments.
    INCOMING: Protect your cities from destruction from incoming missiles using your limited supply of ammo.
    SPACE RESCUE: Save the humans from the marauding aliens and avoid them being picked up and transforming into mutants.
    THE INVADERS: Defend various well-known landscapes around the world from alien invasion.
    ALIEN RAIDERS: Avoid swooping dive-bombing aliens whilst saving the universe.
    BUGS: Destroy the multi-segmented creatures using your bug. Move up and down to get a little closer to the action.

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