Academy of Champions: Football for Nintendo Wii

  • Includes:

    • Case
    • Manual
    • Disc

    Academy of Champions: Soccer is a soccer game which focuses on arcade action. The player takes the role of a new initiate at the Brightfield Academy which teaches soccer. Depending on the chosen gender of the playing character, the mentor is either Pelè or Mia Hamm which are both retired soccer athletes. Here the player advances the career by participating in training mini games and matches, talking to other people, choosing teammates, buying stat-boosting equipment or using earned experience points to improve four ability scores. This mode is the heart of the game and otherwise there are only the options to play mini games or a quick match.

    The arcade approach is most obvious on the field itself: each team consists of only five athletes and each player has a special talent which is a over-the-top super move. It can only be activated when the associated bar is filled with successful actions. However, it is also drained by performing small moves like dodging or sprinting. During matches there are also frequent mini games (mostly hammering buttons) to decide duels between two athletes. The whole game is presented in a comic look and there are cameos of characters from other Ubisoft franchises. The controls are either simplified (only Remote) or standard (Remote and Nunchuk); the MotionPlus and Balance Board support is only for specific mini games.

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