Who are we?


Super Retro Bros. are two buds from Nottingham, UK who decided to form a business doing something they love - playing with toys and video games!

We have an absolutely massive range of products at fantastic prices and are continuously adding to the site on a daily basis. Our products range from Pokémon cards and action figures to vintage consoles and video games -both disc-based and cartridges.

Our customer service is second to none and we dispatch your orders extremely quickly. More than just another website, we are incredibly passionate about collecting and gaming and this is why we have such a diverse range of hard to find and rare items and are constantly searching for the next big thing. 

See below for some of our favourite things! Who can you relate to more?


Xbox GT: Optimumjay

Favourite System: "Nintendo NES - every time"

Favourite Game of All Time: "That's a tough one, but Resident Evil 2 is a game I can replay over, and over.... and over"

Favourite Controller: "Nintendo GameCube - that's a man's 'A' Button son!"

First Game You Ever Bought: "Super Mario Land 2 on GameBoy from Woolworths! Saved up my pocket money for weeks!"

Best Couch Co-op Game: "Resident Evil 5 - I know this game gets a lot of stick but it's the first game that me and the wife played to death together. Plus buff Chris Redfield, phwoar!"

Proudest Gaming Achievement: "I'm having two, first being completing Castlevania on NES without cheats, hacks or Game Genies! Second has to be completing my Pokedex on Blue!"

Favourite Gaming Soundtrack: "Final Fantasy VII"

Currently Playing: "Animal Crossing: New Horizons"


PSN: Mr_Russy

Favourite System: "Nintendo GameCube"

Favourite Game of All Time: "Tough one, it's between GTA 3, Metal Gear Solid 2 and the Last of Us.... Ooh no, it's Street Fighter 2!"

Favourite Controller: "lol GameCube of course! - there's a theme here"

First Game You Ever Bought: "The first game I remember playing was Alex Kidd on Master System. It was built into the console. So technically that was bought for me"

Best Couch Co-op Game: "Super Smash Bros"

Proudest Gaming Achievement: "Completing Metal Gear Solid 2 on all difficulties, even European Extreme - I think that was the hardest difficulty. I vaguely remember not having rations and the guards woke up rapid! I even got all the dog tags and wow that was like 15 years ago!"

Favourite Gaming Soundtrack: "I would have usually said GTA 3 but it's got to be Shovel Knight"

Currently Playing: "Doom"